"Madonna" installation

Why Is There Music?

Every work of art has its own soul, mood, its own melody.
Sometimes it sounds so loud and clear, nobody can hear it.
Except computers.

This Symphony - is a special soundtrack by Musical Blockchain, generated for the "Madonna" installation by a fantastic cosmic Indra Marcinkevičienė in Švč. Mergelės Marijos Ramintojos church.

Link to the full symphony (8 movements): https://soundcloud.com/musicalblockchain/sets/madonna-symphony

Opening event details: https://www.facebook.com/musicalblockchain/posts/393001361526586

This Symphony, composed by Musical Blockchain, was performed live by a real musicians of international level (from Lithuanian National Philarmony and other country-level stars), marking the world's first public rendition by a real musicians of a tracks, composed by a Computer, inspired by a real Art piece - and making another small step in a huge creative collaboration of a Computer and Human.

Sample Live videos from the Opening event:

"Madonna" art piece, created by Indra Marcinkevičienė, was inspired by the artist’s childhood memories.
When she was 11, her mother died and left her and her 5 siblings motherless.

In this installation "Madonna" has six hands, symbolising the mother blessing each one of her grieving children.
One of the hands colourfully accentuating artist’s special connection to her late mother.
The artist Rima Sutkienė knitted an abstract face along with the six hands using metal wire.

The base of the mosaic is formed from round and oval floral shapes.
They symbolize eternity, perfection, fulfillment, health, and beauty.
The ovals hold two additional meanings: the power of birth givers and an association with faultlessness.

The metaphor for eternity and perfection is expressed through stylish, colourful, and aesthetically pleasing motifs.
Thorns around "Madonna" has a contrasting meaning: pain, sadness and grief. Made of soft material, nowadays they seem harmless.
However, back in the day they could have been quite painful — these thorns in particular represent the pain for a loss of mother.

Expanding the depths and shaping the contours, dynamic lighting adding not only another visual dimention to the installation, but also a whole new space for thoughts.
Unique multilayered generative music, composed by an innovative computer AI solution Musical Blockchain, who looks at the installation as an artist while scoring the soundtrack.
This symbiotical color-human-machine-collaboration harmonically crafted by sound/visual artist and inventor Gleb Divov with his international team - are finalizing this whole mesmerizing and unforgettable experience.

Artists hoping to help people let go of their past suffering, embrace joy and one another.

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