True Chill Area @ ArtVilnius Art Fair 2019

Creative collaboration with Tadas Tručilauskas / Užupio Meno Inkubatorius

All this Music, that talking here with you through the Artworks, are composed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) Computer Composer.

"Vinetu Archer" 2018-2019

We collaborated with an extraordinary Tadas Tručilauskas on this multispeaking project when he just started his new paintings.

"North Aurora Nurse" 2018-2019

Through the Creation process, from the beginning to the final result, we've seen different Moods and Melodies.
"Cupidon" 2018-2019

Computer composed different Music from the different states of an Artworks.

"St. Familia" 2018-2019

It is an Artificial evidence of the growing up process of the works of Art.

"North Aurora Nurse aphex" 2018-2019

Tadas says:
"I always needed to choose between being a Painter and a Musician. Now I'm using my Paintings as a Musical Instrument."

Artworks available for purchase from the author:
- Artist Tadas Tručilauskas on Facebook
- Instagram / Tadas Tručilauskas

Collaboration partner: Užupio Meno Inkubatorius

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