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♬ 00. Up and coming / in the news

Latest news, appearances/participation in events are here. Here and in social networks.

» 17 october 2018, Vilnius, LT - New album "Portals and their Inhabitants" is OUT NOW.
An album, created/generated by Musical Blockchain software solution, using images as an inspiration for decentralized computer improvisation.
Listen on our soundcloud:
Or listen here:

» 15 october 2018, Vilnius, LT - Mini-tour "Pleasant, Unexpected!" kicks off with the exhibition opening:
Tour dates so far: 15 october 2018/18 october 2018/20 october 2018 - details to follow, more to be added soon. Be sure to follow our social medias!

What's more...
Become a patron on Patreon, provide hardworking team with coffee at Musical Blockchain / Ko-fi Page and support Musical Blockchain any prefferable way - and check back soon for more exciting news and performance announcements - there are lots of great things to come! :)

  26 july 2018 - To show the love and respect for our favorite artists/bands, every thursday we'll generate a track and share it with a small story+details and call it #ArtistRespectThursday (and yes, it's #art short).
Moreover, we encourage everyone to show the love and respect for their favorite artists with a piece of own art and post it every thursday with #ArtistRespectThursday tag.

  22 july 2018 - Be sure to follow our instagram to feed your curiosity with the new teasers and get some hints on what's happening in our blockchain sonic labs:

  20 july 2018, Vilnius, LT - We are thrilled to announce our long-term cooperation and partnership with a fantastic bestselling author Max Frei!

  19 july 2018, Vilnius, LT - announcing participation in "Sound changes the City, City changes the Sound" series

  17 july 2018, Vilnius, LT - presentation @ "Mikro music conference 3 - Tech special" event

  16 july 2018 - Musical Blockchain went public

♬ 01. Welcome

Hello and welcome to Musical Blockchain's official page. Here you will find info about Musical Blockchain, what it’s all about, demonstrations and a lot more.

If you would like to learn only the dry facts of Musical Blockchain - download a whitepaper and refer to the FAQ section.

Bookmark us and check back soon - more interesting things on the way. Plus, be sure to follow us in social media.

So, here's a Musical Blockchain.

Where's the revolution?

Long story short: we created a solution which takes your data and converts it into musical composition, building it tone-by-tone using the AI+blockchain concept.

Short story a bit longer: we invented a way to process user-submitted data and use the results of data analysis as a natural inspiration for melodic sequence composition, using the AI+blockchain concept; we are proposing new fundamentals for machine improvisation to be used in the composition process.

♬ 02. Structural basics

We define musical composition as a chain of linked blocks.

For technical insights on the process - download the actual whitepaper.

As it happens in real life, the creation process usually starts with natural inspiration.
We use analysis results of user-provided data to create a basic inspirational set for nodes.
Then, the network of nodes start a tone-by-tone melody building process, secured by harmony.
The resulting blockchain contains multitrack composition, that can be exported in a human-audible format.

Pretty simple and clear - like a band in studio.

♬ 03. Examples

Now that we quickly passed a boring part, let's dive into some examples.
We really don’t want to be boring here so we took some real life samples and worked our magic on them.
The sounds were rendered from generated MIDI files with standard MIDI soundbanks.

All rights to pictures and texts belong to their authors or legal owners.
All rights to melodical compositions belong to the Musical Blockchain team.

This is a base melody technical demo tracks.
More examples coming soon. Follow our social medias to get latest news.

A picture. "Cat" by Louis Wain.  

A text. "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll.  

A painting. "Scream" by Edvard Munch.  

A photo. "Filosofija 1:00am" by Musical Blockchain team.  

Sounds like a melody, doesn’t it?

...but don't be fooled by the apparent simplicity of Base Melody Techdemo tracks. Just imagine - what could be done, if the same unchanged source with basic midi instruments replaced by simple synths - sounds like this:

Same photo. "Filosofija 1:00am" by Musical Blockchain team.  

More examples already available on our Soundcloud.

♬ 04. Questions and their answers

Q: Wtf are you doing?

A: Hey, thanks for asking! We’re doing a Musical Blockchain thing; a software solution that will take your data and convert it into melody. Sounds thrilling? See some examples.

Q: What this product is all about?

A: First of all, let's not call this a product. It's a software solution that will have future appliances in music, art, education, medicine and other areas. It works with data and generates melodic sequences building it tone-by-tone using the AI+blockchain concept.

Q: Why use blockchain?

A: Because we see that blockchain and music are the same concept. We define musical composition as a chain of linked blocks.
You can find more details about our vision in the whitepaper.

Q: Are you mining music?

A: No. We took the original blockchain concept, stripped out the mining part, made our changes and invented our own methods for data analysis, plus new fundamentals for computer improvisation.
If the Musical Blockchain term doesn't fit your needs and you need another fancy label instead - you can call it Decentralized Improvisation.

Q: How is this better from using a central server? Why is it necessary, other than computing all as a network?

A: Nice question! This is kind of like, "Is it better to compose alone, or with a band in a studio?".
There may or may not be tons of pros and cons. But that's our way and our innovation, we see it like this and we think that it's more efficient.
And yes, personally, we prefer to create altogether in studio.

Q: So, you are using AI for it?

A: Machine-learning models, pre-trained on existing tracks are NOT USED for any sequence generation.
We utilise machine learning algorithms for the data analysis and deep learning.

Q: Why do you think it will be successful?

A: It depends on what you call "successful". We already have requests for partnerships and collaborations from interested parties worldwide and soon we'll be ready to reveal some details. Does that count?

Q: Are you doing an ICO?

A: No.

Q: This is all so crazy and exciting! Love it! How can I support you?

A: Please, take a look at the support section or tell us your own ideas/offers at

Q: What are the top 10 favorite music artists/bands influenced you the most?

A: The list is much longer than just ten names; it's even too long to post.
Let's set it like this: every time you'll visit this FAQ - you'll get random 10 artists + 10 bands out of our global list.
Artists: David Bowie, Mark Knopfler, Brian Eno, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Delvon Lamarr, Miles Davis, Momus, Nitin Sawhney, B.B.King
Bands: Queen, Portishead, Everlast, Beastie Boys, 1200 Micrograms, Deep Purple, Soundgarden, Ministry, Sepultura, Massive Attack

*Bold addition*
While common trend for thursdays is #tbt, let's move forward with one beautiful thing:
To show the love and respect for our favorite artists/bands, every thursday we'll generate a track and share it with a small story+details and call it #ArtistRespectThursday (and yes, it's #art short). Moreover, we encourage everyone to show the love and respect for their favorite artists with a piece of own art and post it every thursday with #ArtistRespectThursday tag.

Ask more questions in social medias or privately at

♬ 05. Support

You want to support us - fantastic! There are definitely, a lot of ways you can do that:

» Tell a story about us - we would LOVE you to tell the world about our really CREATIVE use of the blockchain concept;

» Like, share, tweet and be active about us in all your social media channels;

» Come to our events, ask questions, discuss and experiment with generated music (more info soon!);

» Become a patron on Patreon and get your exclusives early, including creative process insights, new music and more;

» Provide hardworking team with coffee at Musical Blockchain / Ko-fi Page;

» Donate.

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♬ 06. On the net

Here's a list of our resources, available on the net. Share, like, retweet, play, sing!

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» We are always happy for your private feedback at

The list is constantly growing, so don't forget to check back in a while.

♬ 07. Final words

We believe that the tools for inspiration and boosting creativity will be your next best friend in the studio, on-stage, and at home.

We believe that man-machine collaborations, and unique data-driven soundscapes will create a beautiful sonic experience.

We believe that technology can spawn a new generation of young musicians, utilising tools as tools, and not as a replacement for talent.

We believe that new technologies will change the concept of art, as photography changed it almost 180 years ago.

We believe, that making solutions for a real world is the only way forward.

The world has changed yesterday.

Are you ready for a future?